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    The top seven reasons to request an Australia PR visa this year

The top seven reasons to request an Australia PR visa this year

The top seven reasons to request an Australia PR visa this year

Australia has long been a popular destination for immigrants. People wishing to relocate abroad are drawn to it by its excellent quality of life, rich culture, and thriving economy. Applying for an Australia PR visa is one of the finest ways to become an Australian citizen with permanent residency.

This blog will explain the advantages of applying for a PR visa in Australia as well as the reasons you should.

1. Career Possibilities:

Australia is a top destination for talented and qualified people seeking to live and work in a developed country because of its consistently expanding economy, low unemployment rate, strong demand for skilled professionals, and wide range of employment opportunities for those with varied skill sets. You can have access to better job possibilities, more pay, and a higher standard of living with the aid of an Australian PR visa.

2. Health insurance:

Australia is renowned for having a top-notch healthcare system. As a permanent resident, you have access to Medicare, a government health insurance program that pays for the majority of your medical expenses in Australia, including doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, etc.

3. Excellent Education:

Australia is home to some of the top academic institutions on earth. You are welcome to send your children to these esteemed academic institutions as long as you are a permanent resident. Better work prospects and a higher level of living may follow from this.

4. Social Security assists:

You will be qualified for a wide range of social security benefits as a PR, including retirement benefits, child care subsidies, parental leave pay, and family tax benefits, among others. You can maintain your family’s financial security with the aid of these tools.

5. Travel Advantages:

You can travel freely within and outside of Australia if you have an Australian PR status. This implies that you are free to go to and return to your home country as often as you like.

6. Getting Citizenship:

You can apply for Australian citizenship after having lived in Australia as a PR for a specific amount of time. You will get extra rights as a result, including the ability to vote, work for the government, and utilize other perks only available to citizens.

7. Cultural Diversity:

Australia is a country with a diverse population of cultures. It is renowned for having warm, welcoming residents who value variety. You will have the opportunity to discover, explore, and embrace many cultures as a permanent resident, which can broaden your horizons and improve your life.

Key Skilled Visa Categories for Australia PR Visa Applications

Three primary categories of skilled visas are available under Australia’s General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM), i.e.

The first two are visas that can be obtained permanently, while the third is a temporary visa that can be used to apply for Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

Contact “A Square Migration”, the top Australian immigration consultant in India who is also a MARA member, to find out if you qualify and to apply for an Australia PR visa this year. Here is a list of the immigration services the “A Square” team may provide to people applying for visas abroad:

  • Evaluation of your visa application in advance
  • Individual Consultation with an Immigration Expert
  • Calculation of Immigration Points
  • Sending of the EOI profile
  • Documentation support
  • Submission of a visa application
  • Following up on and monitoring visa applications
  • Training in language for the IELTS exam
  • Post-landing activities session


You can reach the reputable and knowledgeable “A Square Migration” Australia migration specialist by contacting us at +61 482 655 519 or by email at anisha@asquaremigration.com