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    Australia Spouse Visa

Australia Spouse Visa

Australia Spouse Visa

A spouse visa for Australia is often referred to as a partner visa for Australia. You can invite your husband, wife, or fiancé (if you are engaged) to immigrate to Australia using the Australia spouse visa. As it offers a pathway to Permanent Residency based on a committed relationship with the resident, the principal applicant must be an Australian permanent resident.

Types of spouse visas:

Prospective marriage visa Onshore Partner visa Offshore partner visa

1. Prospective marriage visa:

The fiancé/fiancée visa is another name for the “prospective marriage visa”.

2. Onshore Partner visa:

The term “onshore partner visa” denotes the requirement that the person applying for the visa (the one who is being sponsored) be physically present inside Australia. The applicant must also possess a temporary visa of some form, such as a work or student visa.

3. Offshore partner visa:

An “offshore partner visa” requires the applicant to be physically present outside of Australia both when applying for the visa and when it is granted.

Benefits of a spouse visa include:

  • In Australia, you can live together indefinitely.
  • You can work and study
  • You can also seek citizenship in Australia.
  • There are medical benefits offered.
  • A hospital care program is available.
  • You qualify for several social security benefits.

Australian spouse visa eligibility:

  • Must be married to an eligible New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an Australian citizen.
  • The citizen or PR who is sponsoring must be older than 18.
  • The connection must be lasting and sincere.
  • You and your spouse ought to be residing together full-time.
  • The marriage or connection must be older than a year.
  • Character and physical requirements must be met.

How do I apply for a spouse visa in India?

1. Documents:

Prepare any documents that will help your immigration or visa application.

2. Apply for an Australian partner visa:

You must submit an online application for a partner visa. You must pay the fees and maintain the receipt after submitting your application for a partner visa.

3. Wait for DHA to respond:

Your application will be approved or rejected by DHA, and this process could take several months. You get your visa following approval.


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