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    Methods For Getting An Australian Visitor Visa

Methods For Getting An Australian Visitor Visa

Methods For Getting An Australian Visitor Visa

Are you an Australian citizen who lives in India interested in traveling there? For any traveler entering the nation, obtaining an Australian Visitor Visa for Indian Citizens is essential. Starting this step as soon as possible will allow you more time to plan and get ready for your trip.

Conditions For Getting An Australian Visa

Indian nationals with current Indian passports can now apply for visas to Australia online. To apply for Australian visas for travel, family visits, and business purposes, use the Visa Lounge. If you’re searching for a job in Australia, you cannot use Visa Lounge. Australia does not require travelers to purchase travel insurance. Visa Lounge offers optional travel insurance that customers can purchase for an additional cost.

Required Papers:

  • All pages from the applicant’s passport that were used must be copied, and the original passport is not required. The passport must be valid for travel for at least six months after the application date.
  • Developing Your Credentials
  • Two applications: one No. 1419 (for tourists) and one No. 1415 (for businesses).
  • Reduced Time Form (only for applications for Fast Track).
  • The embassy will not accept photographs taken while the subject is wearing a white shirt or t-shirt; image #1 (passport size, the camera clicked, most recent, white backdrop) must show at least 80% of the subject’s face and be 35 x 45 mm in size.
  • (Addressed to The Australian High Commission) Preface/Cover Letter.
  • Personal six-month electronic bank statements with the name and contact information of the bank prominently displayed
  • Receipts for Paying Salary (Last 3 Months)
  • The tax returns from the previous three years.
  • Verification of the schedule using the daily tour schedule (optional).

The remainder of the requirements

  • The employee’s most recent three months’ worth of pay stubs and proof of employment (employment certificate/NOC).
  • If the applicant already owns the business, A resume on company letterhead, an original electronic bank statement for the three months prior, proof of payment of income taxes, a memo from top management, a partnership agreement, a business license, documentation for a sole proprietorship, etc.
  • All students must have a photo ID and an official note from the school if they are absent.
  • If the application is sponsored, evidence of sponsorship and private housing in the form of a national form from the pertinent Schengen State.
  • The applicant must submit proof of their retirement, such as their most recent three months’ worth of pension statements if they are retired.
  • If the vacation is being taken as a honeymoon, pictures from the engagement and wedding are also required.

India Citizens’ Processing Time For Tourist Visas To Australia

Depending on the applicant’s circumstances, the processing period for an Indian citizen’s application for an Australian tourist visa typically takes 4 to 7 weeks. After submitting your application, it’s crucial to get in touch with the local immigration office in India and inquire about the status of your visa request frequently. Depending on the sort of Australian visa you are applying for, processing dates may also change. For instance, if you apply for a student visa or working holiday visa, the processing period can be shortened.

To be evaluated for an Australian tourist visa, applicants must provide biometric data, including fingerprints and pictures, in addition to the appropriate paperwork for their visa application. A biometric collection center housed at a few Australian embassies and consulates across India conducts this procedure.

If your application is accepted, you will get an email confirming your approval with a link to an electronic visa grant notification. The terms of your visa and its expiration date are detailed in this notification.

Each country has different requirements for and processing timeframes for visitor visas.

India Citizens’ Cost For Tourist Visas To Australia

Depending on the type of visa they apply for, Indian nationals must pay a different fee for an Australian tourist visa. The most popular tourist visa, the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), costs about AUD 20. This online-only visa permits visitors from India to stay in Australia for up to three months. For stays longer than three months, a longer-term visa, such as the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600), is necessary. Indian nationals can visit Australia for up to 12 months on a tourist visa, which costs AUD 150 (about INR 8,672). If necessary, it may also be prolonged.

The Business Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) is advised for people who want to visit Australia for business purposes and costs AUD 145. This visa permits professional activities like attending conferences, meetings, and short-term training courses.

Why would an Indian citizen travel to Australia?

1. To view the breathtaking scenery: Australia, with its stunning beaches, untamed mountains, and lush rainforests, is a place of incredible natural beauty. The Great Barrier Reef and Uluru (Ayers Rock) are just two of the spectacular wonders to see in this nation. Indian nationals frequently travel to Australia to experience these breathtaking views and forge lifelong memories.

2. To encounter a distinctive culture: With its language (Aussie slang) and unique way of life, Australia has a fascinating culture that is unique from the rest of the globe. Indian nationals visiting Australia can anticipate being exposed to this fascinating culture, which they might not encounter elsewhere.

3. To value one’s legacy and history: Australia has a colorful past that can be discovered at the country’s numerous historical sites and museums. Indian visitors to Australia could be quite interested in visiting these locations to learn more about the history of the nation.

4. To indulge in delectable food: Australia is recognized for its rich culinary heritage and for serving up some of the world’s most delectable dishes. Traveling in Australia for Indian nationals is made more delightful by the variety of flavors and cuisine available.

5. To engage in thrilling adventures: With its numerous rivers and national parks giving a wealth of chances for outdoor activities, Australia is a terrific spot for adventure seekers. If they enjoy surfing, trekking, or even skydiving, Indian visitors to Australia are sure to find something to their liking!

These are only a few of the factors that influence Indian nationals’ decisions to travel to Australia. There is so much to discover in this amazing country, from its breathtaking landscapes to its distinct culture and thrilling adventures!

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I go to Australia from India?

You’ll need a current visa to enter Australia. On this page, you can find further information that may be of interest to persons in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. Details can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

How much money must be in your bank account to qualify for an Australian tourist visa?

Paystubs, audited accounts, tax documents, and bank statements from the previous three months showing a closing balance of at least AUD 5,000 per applicant, as well as credit card limits, are acceptable forms of proof of financial stability for an Australian Visitor Visa application.

When will Australia be prepared for visitors from India?

The process for departing and entering Australia has changed. Everyone should be aware that entry into Australia is not conditional upon showing proof of immunization. Both the Maritime Travel Declaration and the Digital Passenger Declaration are not required of travelers entering Australia.

Can a friend sponsor my travel to Australia?

Yes! By applying for a Sponsored Family Visa through the Australian Visitor Visa Stream, people can arrange for their friends and family to visit Australia. Your stay may be that long if you receive a visa that is valid for six months or a year.

Can I grant my friend a visitor’s visa to enter Australia?

For friends and family who wish to visit you in Australia, a visiting visa (subclass 600) is typically necessary. Your friends or family may be required to submit additional documentation as part of their visa application by the Department of Home Affairs.


In conclusion, Indian nationals can apply for Australian Visitor Visa. Applicants should be successful in their attempts to enter this continent if they are aware of the rules, comprehend the prerequisites, and provide all required documentation.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that while there are numerous options to apply for an Australian visa, including online or at an Australian embassy or consulate, approved agents can be located to help with the application process if necessary. If you are interested in applying for your Australian visitor visa, So you can contact our offices in A Square Migration Services in Australia and Chandigarh.

All tourists to Australia are expected to adhere to the rules for admission and leave and become familiar with local customs to be safe and respect the environment while they are there. This will allow them to fully enjoy their vacation.