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    Italian Spouse Visa

Italian Spouse Visa

Italian Spouse Visa

If one’s spouse is an Italian national, one may apply for a spouse visa to relocate permanently to Italy. They ought to have been in a committed, long-term partnership. The person who applies for a spouse visa will also have several advantages.

Who is eligible to apply?

A person may apply for a Family Reunion visa to bring their spouse to Italy. Any non-European who resides in Italy and has a work visa valid for at least a year, a student visa, a self-employment visa, or a permanent residence status may apply to bring their non-European spouse to Italy.
  • You must be listed as an Italian resident.
  • You must satisfy the financial requirements.
  • You must adhere to the accommodations requirements.


You must earn more than the annual social allowance in Italy, which is set at €5,983.64 as of 2021, to bring your spouse along on the Italy family visa. Additionally, you must make €2,991.82, or 0.5 times the annual social allowance, to bring your spouse to Italy.

Accommodation requirements:

The home appropriateness certificate (certificate di idoneità alloggiativa), which attests that the house satisfies the hygienic and size requirements, is necessary for a successful Italy family visa application.


  1. The preparation of the required paperwork;
  2. Application for security clearance at the appropriate Police headquarters (also known as “nulla osta”);
  3. Application for a family reunion visa at a foreign Italian consulate that is appropriate;
  4. Arrival in Italy and submission of a family member residence permit application within 8 days.
  5. Fingerprinting of the spouse at the police headquarters and submission of the original paperwork;
  6. A residence permit is issued.
Please submit the following documents, together with translated and notarized copies, for the Nulla Osta:
  • A passport or identification card issued in Italy, and
  • Evidence of family ties, such as a birth or marriage certificate
  • Evidence of a healthy income
  • Evidence of adequate lodging in Italy
  • If the family member is 65 or older, documentation of health insurance
  • Information about the family member’s financial reliance on you
For the family member’s visa application, they must provide:
  • Application for a visa
  • Current passport
  • Zero Osta
  • Photos of passports
  • Payment of the visa fee
  • Evidence of your family member’s connection to you
  • Flight Schedule
  • Criminal record information


For the Italy family reunification visa, the processing duration ranges from 3 weeks to 6 months.


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