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    Canada Pr Visa

Canada Pr Visa

Canada Pr Visa

Are you looking for the best immigration consultant for a Canada Pr Visa? You are at the right place, A Square Migration Services is there with you to help you with your Canada PR visa. We are trusted for our true dedication, Hard work  & persistence in our work. With our extensive knowledge and top-notch services in this industry, we have gained many pleased and satisfied customers. One of the top immigration consultants in Australia & Chandigarh has a position with us. In addition to Australia, we also provide our business services in Chandigarh, India. You will receive assistance from Mrs. Anisha Gupta, our immigration panel specialist, throughout your trip. Her extensive knowledge and expertise provide a strong foundation for success in this industry. If you are having trouble deciding where to go, she will be the ideal guide. Canada is considered one of those countries which attract people from international countries to visit there. People normally need to go through a selection procedure based on a variety of variables, including education, job experience, language competence (English and/or French), age, and adaptability considerations, to acquire a Canada PR visa.

What are the ways through which we get Canada PR?

Canada serves a wide variety of ways through which one can get PR there. The following programs are served by Canada as a medium to achieve a Canada PR.
  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee program
  • Quebec selected workers’ programs
  • Family Sponsorship
1. Express Entry: The most sought-after immigration program in the world is Canada’s Express Entry. The first immigration program to evaluate applicants’ eligibility using a points-based system was Express Entry, which was introduced in 2015.
  • Submissions for Express Entry are handled by the federal Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Under this program, it may take up to six months or less to process a visa.
  • For the creation of an Express Entry profile, 67 points are required.
2. Provincial Nominee program: Here is the procedure through which you can apply for the PNP program:
  • You must apply to the province or area where you want to live.
  • If your profile satisfies the requirements, the province may designate you to apply for a PR visa.
  • After being nominated by a province, you can apply for your PR visa.
  • You can select a province for your PNP application from where it will be simple to get a nomination based on your profile.
  • You can benefit from a provincial nomination under the Canadian PNP. Make you qualified to apply for permanent residency directly to IRCC, and you will automatically receive 600 CRS points as “additional” points on the CRS.
3. Quebec-selected workers programs: The Quebec Skilled Worker Program, formally known as the Regular Skilled Worker Program(RSWP), is for you if you want to permanently immigrate to Quebec to work.
  • The first step in the procedure is declaring an interest in moving to Quebec. Then Quebec chooses those and extends an invitation to apply to those with the training and professional abilities to support their employment integration in the province.
  • Quebec hosts invitation rounds through the Arrima Portal. As a result, Quebec’s provincial drawings are also known as the Arrima draw.
  • Qualified employees can apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate, also known as the Certificate de sélection du Québec (CSQ), through the QSWP.
  • Like the Express Entry System, the QSWP is similarly based on a points-based system.
  • The federal Express Entry system of Canada and the Canadian PNP does not apply to Quebec.
4. Family Sponsorship: One of the cornerstones of Canada’s immigration system is family reunions. Since the end of World War II, Canada has made an effort to welcome immigrants to boost its economy, reunite families, and for humanitarian and humane reasons. The second-largest group of immigrants accepted by Canada under the Immigration Levels Plan is members of the family class. The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC for short, oversees the nation’s immigration system. The Canadian government’s family sponsorship program is created and managed by IRCC. To do this, program requirements must be established. Additionally, applications for family sponsorship must be accepted and evaluated. Sponsorship has two essential components:
  • It enables a member of your family to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residency.
  • You must pledge to help that person financially and to meet their fundamental requirements as an individual.
These are some of the ways through which you can get your Canada PR visa.


So A square migration services are ready to help you and assist you regarding your PR visa for Canada. So if you are interested you are welcome to consult us and enjoy your hassle-free services.