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    Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship

Freedom, tolerance of cultural diversity, and a dedication to social justice are all core Canadian values. All of these privileges are possible for someone with Canadian citizenship.

Included in Canadian values are:

  • Respecting Cultural Diversity: Whether a person was born in Canada or immigrated from another country, all of their cultures, customs, and traditions are accepted.
  • Order and law: Everyone is treated equally and sensibly by the police. The elected governments continue to answer to the people of Canada.
  • Equality: Everyone is given the freedom to speak their mind and share opinions that other people may find offensive.
  • Freedom: Fundamental liberties, including the right to free expression, the right to worship as one pleases, and the right to assemble peacefully.


  • Becoming a resident permanently.
  • Having spent three of the last five years in Canada.
  • Finished filing your taxes, if necessary.
  • Pass a test on your knowledge of Canada’s laws, obligations, and rights.
  • Show off your language abilities.

Documents needed:

  • A color copy of each page in your passport.
  • A copy of your online physical presence calculation’s original printout showing your residence.
  • Copies of two or more valid photo IDs, such as a passport, a permanent resident card, a driver’s license, a health insurance card, or other foreign identity documents.
  • Proof of your fluency in either French or English.
  • Two passport-sized images.

How to Obtain Canadian Citizenship:

1. Get a package of applications

The instruction manual and all the necessary forms are included in the application package. To make sure you don’t forget anything, use the document checklist and instruction manual. Use the most recent version of the application form, please.

2. Payment of application fees

Whether you are a minor (under 18) or an adult will affect your expenses. Your fees could consist of:
  • The cost of processing
  • The cost of acquiring citizenship
You can pay all the fees at once if you’re submitting many applications at once.

3. Application to be submitted

The day before you sign the application form, you must be qualified for Canadian citizenship.


You can speak with our most knowledgeable advisors at “A Square Migration Services” for advice on how to submit your application and to prevent making any mistakes. They will help you with your form all the way through.