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    Australian Universities

Australian Universities

Australian Universities

You must fulfill several requirements before you may enroll in an Australian Universities. You must justify the type of education you plan to pursue in Australia when filling out the study visa application form.

Program of Study

Average tuition costs in Australian dollars

Bachelor’s degree for undergraduates

200,000- 45,000

master’s degree after graduation

22,000- 50,000

degree of doctor

18,000- 42,000

Education and training in the trades


English-language research

300 per week


Application forms are accepted by various Australian universities for varying lengths of time. The following two general timelines, however, are often applicable:

Intake 1: The majority of new students are admitted in February during the first semester, which begins.

Intake 2: Semester 2 – this intake commences in July.

Top Australian universities include:




The University of Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria


The University of SydneySydney, New South Wales
3Deakin University

Burwood, Victoria


Curtin University – AustraliaPerth, Western Australia


Monash University

Melbourne, Victoria

6Victoria University

Melbourne, Victoria


The University of QueenslandBrisbane, Queensland
8RMIT University

Melbourne, Victoria


Griffith UniversityGold Coast, Queensland
10The University of Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia


La Trobe UniversityMelbourne, Victoria
12Federation University Australia

Ballarat, Victoria


Western Sydney UniversitySydney, New South Wales
14University of Wollongong – Australia

Wollongong, New South Wales


University of South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia


Macquarie UniversitySydney, New South Wales
17University of New South Wales

Kensington, New South Wales



The University of Western Australia Perth

Perth, Western Australia


Central Queensland UniversityRock Hampton, Queensland
20University of Technology, Sydney

Ultimo, New South Wales

Australian university admissions requirements:

  • For admission to diploma-level courses, candidates must have received a grade of at least 60% on their class 12 exam.
  • For admission to the bachelor’s program, students must have achieved at least 65% and higher on their class 12 exams.
  • The following prerequisites must be met by applicants for master’s admission to Australia universities:
  • The 3-year graduation method is approved for admission into the vast majority of postgraduate programs at practically all Australian Universities. An Indian bachelor’s degree, such as a B.A., B.Com., or B.Sc. (ordinary), with a 12-year education, is comparable to an Australian bachelor’s (ordinary) degree.
  • However, some programs and institutions might require a degree that is equivalent to a 16-year Australian Bachelor (Honours) Degree, which would require an additional year of study after graduation, or a four-year degrees program like a B.E., B. Tech, or another comparable program, or an honors graduation degree like a B.A. (H), B. Com (H), etc.
  • For most colleges, admission requires a strong first degree from a reputable Indian university or its equivalent.

Australian university entrance standards for Academics:

You must include details about your education, such as the course titles you took and your grades, on the application. To be considered for admission, candidates must provide an official transcript from each college or university they attended after high school, detailing all of their coursework, credits earned, and any other relevant details like diplomas or correspondence courses. The following documents need to be presented as certified copies:

  • X-marks standard sheet
  • Sheet of Standard XII marks
  • A provisional certificate with a mark sheet or a bachelor’s degree

Forms for Applications

Applications must be inquired about at least 12–15 months before the anticipated admission date. The following methods are available for getting the application forms:

Via email: Application forms can be ordered from the university website. On most university websites, there is a form where you can request application materials.

Downloading from the university websiteThe majority of university websites offer printable, downloadable versions of their application forms. These can be utilized as standard forms.

Applying for jobs through university representatives: The application forms are also available from several accredited Australian universities in India.


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