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Australia Study Visa

Australia Study Visa

Australia is considered one of the best countries for getting a word class education ranked in 4th position to provide with best quality education. The country offers a wide variety of courses to the students so they follow their interests and get success in that area. If you get qualified from Australian University you get a valuable degree that is accepted worldwide. To reach your destination you first have to start the process of an Australia Study Visa.

Australia Education System

Australia’s educational system is well-planned and structured to give students great options for the future. The AQF, or Australian Qualifications Framework, which was implemented in 1995, is to thank for the success of the Australian educational system. The AQF generally provides certifications and certifies students based on several levels at the primary, secondary, and postsecondary levels of education.

Various degree comes under Australia Education System:

1. Diploma ( Level 5):

In the diploma program, students acquire specialist skills and information for skilled or paraprofessional work as well as for future education. Finishing takes one to two years.

2. Associate degree/Advanced diploma (Level 6 ):

Students in the Associate Degree/Advanced Diploma program obtain skills and knowledge for paraprofessional and highly skilled occupations as well as for further education. It requires 1.5 to 2 years to complete.

3. Bachelors (Level 7):

This three to four-year undergraduate program aims to provide wide and coherent knowledge for a professional job or further education.

4. Bachelors Honors (Level 8 ):

This specialized undergraduate degree offers the advanced skills and information required for further education or a highly specialized career in the working world. It takes between six months and a year.

5. Masters ( Level 9 ):

A master’s degree in Australia is an expert-level graduate degree in a particular discipline. In one to two years, it might be finished.

6. Doctors (Level 10):

This postgraduate degree can be earned in Australia in three to four years.

How does the education system of Australia operate?

The Australian Qualification Framework, or AQF, is something we must first comprehend to properly comprehend how the Australian educational system functions. The AQF is a national policy that was established in 1995 by the Australian government’s Department of Education, Skills, and Employment to control qualifications in Australian education and training. To provide a single, complete national credentials framework, it combines certifications from every area of education and training. Creating routes to and through formal credentials is AQF’s main goal. The ten tiers of this policy start at Certificate 1 and proceed up to the doctoral level, with 10 levels total.

This brings us to Australia’s tertiary education system. A student with higher education can enroll in undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate programs at affiliated universities, and upon successful completion of the program, they will get a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. In the context of Australian education, a student’s chosen academic program is referred to as a “course.”

There are 41 universities in the nation, several of which have very high international rankings. With a few international exceptions, the government supports these universities. They offer a remarkable selection of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The degrees you obtain from Australian universities are valued highly in the global labor market and are recognized on a global scale. Some universities even allow students to enroll in higher education courses while simultaneously earning a VET.

Universities place a lot more emphasis on academic grooming and need essay writing based on research and theoretical and practical assessments. You must select a “major” or area of specialization for the courses. Universities also help students develop their professional abilities.

How the education system of Australia is different from other countries?

Differentiating it from other countries educational systems is the distinctive feature of the Australian system. The effective Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) system makes moving between qualifications and courses simple. Countries can precisely identify certification levels and issue equivalent qualifications that students can use locally inside the country thanks to this stringently controlled but simple-to-understand framework.


  • According to the selected location, the cost of living and pursuing education in Australia is 40 to 60% cheaper than in the USA or UK.
  • In light of the quantity, standard of living, and destinations, it is the next “hot” country after the USA. Every year, over a thousand students—both from India and around the world—travel to Australia to pursue their academic goals.
  • Australian universities, which are well-known around the world and offer a large range of courses with modern facilities and curriculum, are another important perk of studying there. The faculty is also results-driven, and the universities offer a wide range of programs.
  • For international students who want to work while they study and gain experience in the workforce, part-time employment choices are available. This promotes networking at a higher level while also facilitating forming new connections at a fundamental level.
  • Because Australian university graduates are prepared for the workforce and have access to a variety of career options in both the public and private sectors, Australia Study Visa is always willing to hire them.


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