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    Bringing Your Family Over to Canada

Bringing Your Family Over to Canada

Bringing Your Family Over to Canada

Family reunification is one of the most popular categories of immigration to Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to sponsor some members of your Family Immigration To Canada.

If you’re temporarily studying or working in Canada, you might be able to bring your family with you!

Family Sponsorship

Once you become a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you may be able to sponsor some members of your family to immigrate to this country. Sponsorship of families is the term used. Family sponsorship makes up the majority of immigration to Canada after economic immigration.

Three different types of relatives may be sponsored by a family:

  1. Spouse or common-law partner
  2. Utilising children
  3. parents or grandparents

To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and have the financial means to support any family you plan to bring to Canada. A sponsored family member enters Canada as a permanent resident.

If your spouse or partner is dependent upon you and you are sponsoring their immigration to Canada, you may also sponsor their children.

Super Visa for grandparents and parents

The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Programme has a stringent cap. Families who are interested in applying must complete an online form. Draws are conducted annually by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to select the candidates who will be allowed to submit applications.

The IRCC offers the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents as a remedy to make up for the program’s modest scope. This multiple-entry visa allows your parents or grandparents to visit Canada once and stay there for a maximum of two years. It is good for ten years in total. You must be a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident for your parents or grandparents to be qualified to apply for the Super Visa.

In contrast to the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Programmes, the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents does not provide your parents permanent resident status.

The participation of family members

If you enter Canada with a temporary visa, such as a work or study permit, it might be allowed for you to bring your family with you.

Temporary Workers

If you are applying for a work permit and have a real job offer from a Canadian company, you may be allowed to bring your spouse and dependant children to Canada.

Your children won’t need separate study permits to enroll in Canadian educational institutions if they are of school age. You can also be eligible for the open work visa, which lets your spouse or partner work for any employer in Canada.

Worldwide students

If you are accepted to a Canadian university, your spouse and dependent children may be named on your study permit application. Wives accompanying overseas students may apply for an open work permit, just like temporary workers, and their dependent children may study in Canada.

If my child is an international student, may I accompany them?

Usually, the answer to this question is “no.” But there is one unique exception. If your child is a minor (under 18) and does not have a guardian in Canada, you could be allowed to travel there with them.

If your child is under the age of 18, has been accepted into a Canadian school, and won’t have someone to look after them while they are in Canada, you might be able to apply for a visitor record. You may take care of your child while you are with them thanks to this paper. When your child applies for a study permit, your visitor record will demonstrate that they have someone watching over them while they are in school. A Canadian minor who is unaccompanied by an adult is ineligible to apply for a study permit.

If your child is 18 years old or older, has family in Canada who can care for them, or is enrolled in a boarding school, they will still be eligible to apply for a visitor record; however, you will not be able to do so.


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